Law and data management

Legal statement

  • Information and documents published on the homepage by Esztári Law Office) are disclosed exclusively as a reference.
  • All trademarks and logos of Esztári’s on the homepage as well as all information and other documents accessible thereon are copyrighted for Esztári’s only and exclusively. The obligee of trademark protection is Esztári Law Office.
  • Without the preliminaryly issued and written explicit permission of Esztári’s: any trademarks, logos, and information accessible on the homepage are prohibitted to be used, copied, distributed or disclosed by a third party in any way or under any legal title divergent from the purpose of the present homepage. It is, moreover, also prohibitted to create any links to this homepage without the preliminaryly written permission of Esztári’s. Misapplication of the above is calling forth prosecution as prescribed by the acts of the Copyright-, the Civil- and the Criminal Law.
  • Esztári Law Office agrees that the information in it’s genuine form may be downloaded, saved and printed by the user’s PC exclusively for his/ her individual use. Yet it is only and exclusively handling and archiving a single genuine copy of the webpages that is allowed for by this permission of use.
  • Alterations independently from Esztári’s may incidentally be made to the homepage, thus, – if not precribed by the law in another way – Esztári Law Office does not undertake the guarantee for the accuracy, reliability or content of its webpages as they appear.
  • Esztári Law Office reserves the right for modifying, re-texting any information on the homepage or even ceasing any access to them at any time. Esztári Law Office does not guarantee that the access to the homepage will be permanent and/or fail-safe.
  • Esztári Law Office denies the responsibility for damages or losses deriving from the access to- or the direct or indirect application of the homepage or the information and documentations thereon, any useless- or deficient condition of the homepage or its incidental malfunctions; if any.
  • Esztári Law Office does not undertake the responsibilty for any materials created-, transmitted- or published by a third party, to which the webpages of Esztári’s are referring or linked.
  • Should You provide us with any written document, thereby You are acknowledging that such document is approppriate for disclosure and accepting that Esztári Attorneys’ Office – undertaking no responsibility – can apply that in segments or in full with a clear reference made to the quality of authorsip. In accordance with this, You are also declaring that the released document or its content is no violation of   any interrelated- or copyrights of a third party who – in connection to these - will not promote any lawsuit or set forth any claims or enforcement of a claim against us, whereby You are furthermore declaring to indemnify Esztári’s for such an occurrence.
  • Some of the webpages of Esztári’s may define prescriptions different from the regulations of this present statement yet in line with the currently operative acts of law,   therefore, the cognition and acknowledgement of the ever-up-to-date prescriptions and terms and conditions for use are all pre-requisites for beginning to use or apply each one of the services .

Principles of data protection on

  • Whilst handling and using the information and data required on the webpage, Esztári Attorneys’ Office follows the regulations of   Act No. LXIII. of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of public interest, the Act No. VI. of 1998 on the protection of individuals in the course of data processing, the provisions of the Convention as of 28th January 1981 in Strassbourg, and the recommandations of „ONLINE PRIVACY ALLIANCE”.
  • Esztári Law Office respects the rights and private data of the visitor on its webpage. As prescribed by the Act of Data Proteciton any piece of information attributable to a natural person and also anything that is deductably applies to the same person therefrom, is qualified as personal data.
  • In all, the opportunity to browse the webpages of Esztári Law Office with no obligation whatsoever to give any personal information beforehand is open for anyone. Yet, there are services only available by the specification of some certain personal data. For instance establishing E-mail connection in order to make comments on or ask questions from Esztári Attorneys’ Office. Such data are used exclusively for performing the service as required by the client and for purposes related to our own marketing activity, market research and for the client’s information.
  • Esztári Law Office is bound to inform the users on the method, purpose and principles of personal data-recording prior to submittion, recording or handling of such data. Futhermore, in every case when data-collection, -handling and -recording are not prescribed by an act of law, Esztári Law Office will bring it to the attention of the user that data-supply is voluntary.
  • In any case when Esztári Law Office will intend to use the supplied data for a purpose that is different from the original purpose of the data-supply, so will it brief the user accordingly and to this will obtain the ultimate approval of the user preceedingly and, in the meantime will it also give way to the prohibition of the user to do so.
  • Esztári Law Office is obliged to make sure all data are safe and secure, to take the necessary measures both technically and strategically and to set up regulations to ensure that all the data recorded, saved or handled be kept secure and also, to prevent them from vanishing, being used or altered illegitimately.

In the course of our operations the following principles are kept in consideration:

  1. We do neither preserve nor transmit any private datum that we have received in a way and it has not been given to us on a particular and thorough purpose by its owner.
  2. Any piece of private information that has consciously been given to us will undoubtedly be used only on the purpose it was indeed given. We never transmit such data to any other party with the intention to use them on any other purpose.
  3. Any partner’s or public’s data will only be published in a statistically processed form, not suitable for personal identification and in these statistics we are not touching upon any sphere that would go beyond questions related to the audience of the publications or questions of public interest.
  4. Esztári Law Office does not keep any information not intended for publicity submitted to us by their suppliers on the mass storage devices of computers accessible from an open network. Not even with software protection.
  5. All private data saved by Esztári Law Office are securely guarded from the access of unauthorized hands in segment or in full in all expectable ways.
  6. Although we are collecting automatically genarated information about visitors entering our webpage: for instance the user’s IP-address, domain-name, time of   visit, visited pages, browser applied – , such information is processed exclusively for the sake of analyses and tracking trends as well as statistical information down.