Scope of activities


1. Corporate and commercial


The firm advises businesses of varying sizes and types, ranging from multinational corporations to medium-sized Hungarian enterprises. The services provided by the firm include:

  • advice on appropriate business entity structures
  • establishment of companies, branch offices and representative offices
  • advisory services supporting the performance of the transactions and the management of business relationships of such entities, including the drafting of legal documentation
  • in certain cases, the winding up of entities

2. Dispute resolution


The goal of the firm is to ensure that the legal disputes of its clients are resolved quickly and cost-effectively in their favour and, where possible, other than through litigation.

If litigation is necessary, the firm properly evaluates the client’s short and long-term interests, and develops strategies and cost-effective solutions to be followed in the course of the litigation. The firm is able to represent its clients before all Hungarian domestic, arbitral and other regular courts, the Public Procurement Committee, the Economic Competition Office and other competent authorities.

3. Corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions


The firm has been frequently involved in transactions relating to the restructuring, merger, de-merger or acquisition of enterprises. Within the framework of such transactions, the firm:

  • is typically involved in the planning and organizational stages, gives advice on all areas of law involved in the transaction (including, but not limited to competition, securities and intellectual property)
  • provides services in relation to the examination of the companies involved, including the performance of due diligence investigations
  • drafts and completes all documents necessary for the implementation of the transaction.

4. Information technology, telecommunications and e-commerce


The firm places significant emphasis on keeping abreast with rapidly developing areas of law, such as the law relating to information technology (IT), telecommunications and e-commerce. The services provided by the firm in these areas include:

  • consultation on the legal considerations involved in hardware and software sales or purchases, installations or network developments
  • comprehensive telecommunications advisory services
  • performance of security auditing and co-operation in solving data protection, encrypting and other legally relevant issues relating to IT projects
  • consultation in connection with the use and regulation of electronic signatures.

5. Intellectual Property


All businesses use or, through their operation, generate intellectual property. Such intellectual property, which includes inventions, trademarks, patents and know-how, often forms a vital part of the market value of an enterprise. It is therefore essential to provide legal protection for the intellectual property of a business, and to use and exploit such intellectual property to the greatest extent possible.

The firm offers the following services in this area:

  • assistance in the registration of certain works of intellectual property, acting as legal counsel before the competent domestic and international authorities
  • consultation in connection with the eligibility of certain intangible property for legal protection or contribution to a company’s capital
  • making arrangements to terminate infringements of protected intellectual property, as well as to avoid such infringements
  • advice in connection with the licensing or transfer of intellectual property rights, including the preparation of all necessary documentation

6. Employment


The development of appropriate internal organizational structures and employment relationships, as well as the organization of a company’s operations with regard to labour protection and safety, are essential for the successful operation of a company.

The services provided by the firm in this area include:

  • negotiation and drafting of individual employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, management agreements, internal by-laws, organizational rules, incentive program and employee share program
  • preparation of documentation relating to outsourcing
  • review of internal company by-laws or regulations on a regular basis

7. Real estate/commercial property


The firm has been involved in numerous real estate investments, including real estate development projects.

Our Office has considerable experience in:

  • planning and preparing transactions aimed at the acquisition of real estate utilizing a variety of legal structures;
  • preparation of the agreements relating to the implementation of such transactions;
  • providing legal advice in connection with the leasing of office space, as well as the sale of buildings constructed for investment purposes.

8. Public procurement


Our firm deals with certain complex public procurement assignments.

Among these assignments we provide the following services:

  • representing clients in public procurement processes;
  • interpreting certain questions in connection with Public Procurement Law and every day practice as well;
  • preparing and finalizing public procurement tender documents;
  • representing clients in the whole public procurement process (particularly by negotiations and by signing the contracts);
  • acting before the Public Procurement Committee.

9. Questions of state administration and regulation


Our colleagues have significant practice in answering questions of different state establishments and other public authorities in connection with state administration and regulation.

According to our professional experience we can take part in developing, sizing up, interpreting, enforcing legal standards as consultatives.

Besides answering questions of domestic legislation and dispensation of justice we can also take part in giving detailed information about international regulation, reviewing and implementing the standars of the European Union, representing our clients in processes of harmonization.

10. Financial services


The Office’s aim – due to our colleagues remarkable professional background and practical experience – is to fulfill all our clients’ claims.

The financial services include the fields of banking, stock market business and trading equally.Within the field of financial law we are able to provide a wide range of services, but our work mainly covers the followings:

  • Working out borrowing agreements and loan contracts or giving an opinion about them
  • Financing projects
  • Developing agreements of security
  • Developing internal regulations
  • Proceeding at competent authorities
  • Taking part in developing terms and conditions of commercial businesses
  • Forming guarantee agreements
  • Developing and implementing means of payment substituting cash

11. Environmental protection


Affairs of environmental protection take the most developing part of our services. Projects in execution usually raise countless questions in this subject depending on the type of the actual project and it is also important to make the project adequate to the considerations of environmental protection.

Our Office provides counsel and representation in the complete range of questions of environmental protection. Among other things our services include:

  • Information of domestic and international standards
  • Enforcing claims
  • Proceeding at authorities for permission
  • Proceeding in state administrative questions in connection resolutions
  • Environmental audits
  • Taking part in the development an environmental strategy and plan of execution

Our services expand to every phase of the activity of a company (from the execution to the completion of the activty), so it is possible to manage each question of environmental protection equally.

12. Taxes and customs


Every commercial transaction bears some stipulated relations to law of taxation. These connections and questions of taxation can often affect the implementation, phases and the accomplishment of the transcation, the organizational structure of the company, such as the commercial concept’s forming.

Due to our office’s extensive professional background and our collueagues’ comprehensive and profound experience in the field of taxes and customs every client can get the most consistent professional assistance and guiding while forming and executing their commercial aims.

Cooperating with our experts makes a wide range of legal services available from answering general questions about law of taxation up to developing new, complex capital market instruments or efficient methods of taxation in connection with company and project financialization.

As for law of customs, besides the genaral professional counseiling, we take part in finding the most adequate and prosperous terms and conditions for our clients’ transactions.